About Coding Bahamas Future

Coding Bahamas Future (CBF) is a project created by a volunteer group of private citizens from different sectors of the local community, (education, technology, philanthropy, banking, and financial services) intended to build up technology coding literacy within the public educational as system of The Bahamas with the goal of establishing computer science as a core curriculum supported by trained teachers.

Coding Bahamas Future a 501(c)3 Registered Charity

Bahamians Learning to Code
Learning to Code

Promoting Coding in The Bahamas

CBF is committed to promoting coding as a tool for computer science education whereby students learn problem solving skills and how to create new technology. Computer science education promotes equity in educational outcomes. In this age of digitalization, we understand that the future generations of Bahamians must be technology-ready to drive sustainable economic growth of the country and to take advantage of the positive social changes this will bring about.

Coding Javascript
Pilot Program

The pilot project in summer 2022 equipped over 60 teachers to teach CS fundamentals in their classroom by utilizing the curriculum from code.org over a week of intensive classes. There were 3 sessions this past summer between July 18 – Aug 5 and 20+ teacher participants in each session. Initial feedback from the educators and Ministry has been extremely positive. Over 160+ teachers throughout the Bahamas registered for the summer pilot program and we will be holding a summer workshop 2023 for these teachers and others who want to learn computer science skills to introduce in their classrooms.