Co-Founders and Board

Ryan Austin

Co-Founder and Executive Director, CBF

Ryan is an IT professional with a career spanning over 16 years, specializing in automation, data center construction, and cloud solution development. As an entrepreneur, Ryan co-founded both COCOA Coffee House and The Payroll App, a cloud-based payroll service for businesses in The Bahamas. In 2018, he launched Bytes Bahamas, a non-profit initiative dedicated to equipping school-age children with fundamental skills in computer programming. His ultimate goal is to foster a generation rich in technological knowledge, individuals who will persistently push the boundaries of innovation.

Through the power of code, CBF is not just educating teachers, but transforming The Bahamas into a beacon of digital innovation and education.
Ryan Austin​
Co-Founder and Executive Director, CBF​

Catherine LaJeunesse

Co-Founder and Board President, CBF

Catherine is former banker and spent 35 years living and working in Asia. In 2001 she began fundraising for a hospital surgical fund for children with complex medical needs from communities in Asia. In 2010 she co-Founded the Hong Kong Chapter of the Nepal Youth Foundation, dedicated to improving outcomes for mothers and children in Nepal. Catherine is a Canadian and Bahamian resident and graduate of the University of Toronto (B.A Hons) and University of Manchester (M.A). She is a Bahamian Resident and resides in Nassau.

Computer science is foundational knowledge that must be imparted to this generation of learners so that they may benefit from the growing opportunities in technology that affect every many aspects of our lives. Coding Bahamas Future is part of an expanding network of educators and professionals committed to enhancing computer science education in The Bahamas.
Catherine LaJeunesse
Co-Founder and Board President, CBF​

Kimberly King Burns

Co-Founder and Communications Director, CBF

Kimberly King-Burns heads up the digital media and clean technology energy practices at convergenz/solutions, a technology brokerage, business development and management consultancy with offices in Los Angeles and Nassau that represents both U.S. and international clients. She is executive director of The Briland Modem Fund, a community development foundation serving the Out Islands of the Bahamas. King-Burns was raised on Harbour Island, Bahamas, and attended Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She is a Bahamian and resides in Los Angeles C.A.

Coding Bahamas Future and the Ministry of Education are creating the next generation of tech-savvy leaders
Kimberly King Burns​
Co-Founder and Communications Director, CBF​

Nekeisha Smith

Corporate Secretary, CBF Board

Nekeisha is a Certified Internal Auditor, Licensed Chartered Accountant and Business advisory professional with over 22+ years of experience, including 14 years in big four public accounting and advisory throughout the United States, Bahamas, Bermuda and Cayman Islands. She attended the College of the Bahamas and resides in Nassau.

David Ramirez

Financial Director, CBF Board

David is a financial market specialist, Head of the Investments Department, with extensive years of experience in private banking institutions dealing with Ultra High Net-worth Individuals and providing investment solutions across a range of asset classes including traditional investments as well as Alternative investments. Senior Management experience as a member of the Executive Committee & a member of the Credit Committee of the bank. David is a Bahamian resident and resides in Nassau.

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